5 Top Execs Talk About Defining Workplace Culture

by Knotel: April 19, 2018

"Decisions that we make together have more impact," says Amol Sarva, Founder of Knotel, a company that provides headquarters as a service. "We have a culture committee to tackle the challenges we're facing. We want to gather as much input as we can, so it's a big committee. We even have stakeholders from outside the company, including customers, that are a part of it. Big decisions that impact our culture have to be shared by everyone that is going to be affected."

Knotel's Sarva agrees. "Great culture is not just about sharing a space. When people come into our culture, they're coming into a community," says Sarva. "Inclusion is how modern businesses run, but to some extent Knotel members self-select. We attract peopl

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