The Shared Office Is Hotter Than Ever, With 1.2 Million Co-Working

by Knotel: April 19, 2018
Knotel is a good example. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Edward Shenderovich and Amol Sarva, the company provides modern businesses "headquarters as a service," giving medium-sized companies a scalable and adaptable office space solution that can grow (or shrink) on-demand based on their needs. Companies can get started right away, without big deposits or long lease commitments. Knotel residents get immediate access to service professionals who manage their space. Each location is culture-coded to each company's unique ethos to give them a place where their brand is tangible and evident in the design. In less than 18 months, Knotel has raised a $25 million in series A funding, and it’s now in 15 locations around New York City (250,000 square feet). Within the past month, they'v

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